This is What It’s Like to Live in A Sprinter Van for 11 WeeksAlso could be titled, this is what it's like to drive 5,000 miles and live in a sprinter van for 11 weeks with two smelly boys and eight bicycles...
Photo: Sean Leader

Out of the Pacific Northwest…and Into the Desert

It’s kind of like out of the forest and into the frying pan, literally. (more...) [5 comments]


View From My Office: Pemberton, BC

As with most things that require a weekly commitment, I have flaked out on my View From My Office Series. BAD, BAD ME. (more...) [3 comments]


You’re Not Ready (to race, or travel, or follow your dreams)

For some things, you’ll never be ready. (more...) [13 comments]


Flesh-Eating Bacteria and Other Minor Annoyances

Life on the road is not all late-night campfires and beautiful sunsets over the open road. Sometimes you contract a mysterious flesh-eating infection. (more...) [5 comments]


Danger in Durango (Also titled, Risk Assessment FAILS)

I’ve recently accepted that I might be bad at risk assessment and this post is about that. (more...) [8 comments]


Introducing #EpicAmericanRoadTrip Summer 2014 — three weeks late!

I am currently three weeks into the Epic American Road Trip Summer 2014 and I haven’t even told you what it is. (more...) [7 comments]


The Ultimate Burrito Guide to Taos, New Mexico

You want every meal to be smothered, covered like your green chile burrito. (more...) [9 comments]


What Traveling Taught Me About Cooking

Everything I learned about cooking I learned while traveling. To be more specific, everything I learned about cooking I learned on a farm in the mountains of Northern Spain (more...) [11 comments]