By the way, I’m going to Italy… (and I can’t afford it)Musings on travel preparation, lack thereof and, oh yeah, what I'm going to do with the rest of my life.

Here’s What You Learn When You Do the Things You’re “Bad” At

And it’s worth it, even if sometimes you end up with stitches in your face. (more...) [5 comments]


This is What It’s Like to Live in A Sprinter Van for 11 Weeks

Also could be titled, this is what it’s like to drive 5,000 miles and live in a sprinter van for 11 weeks with two smelly boys and eight bicycles… (more...) [2 comments]

Photo: Sean Leader

Out of the Pacific Northwest…and Into the Desert

It’s kind of like out of the forest and into the frying pan, literally. (more...) [5 comments]


View From My Office: Pemberton, BC

As with most things that require a weekly commitment, I have flaked out on my View From My Office Series. BAD, BAD ME. (more...) [3 comments]


You’re Not Ready (to race, or travel, or follow your dreams)

For some things, you’ll never be ready. (more...) [13 comments]


Flesh-Eating Bacteria and Other Minor Annoyances

Life on the road is not all late-night campfires and beautiful sunsets over the open road. Sometimes you contract a mysterious flesh-eating infection. (more...) [5 comments]


Danger in Durango (Also titled, Risk Assessment FAILS)

I’ve recently accepted that I might be bad at risk assessment and this post is about that. (more...) [8 comments]


Introducing #EpicAmericanRoadTrip Summer 2014 — three weeks late!

I am currently three weeks into the Epic American Road Trip Summer 2014 and I haven’t even told you what it is. (more...) [7 comments]