Danger in Durango (Also titled, Risk Assessment FAILS)I've recently accepted that I might be bad at risk assessment and this post is about that.

Introducing #EpicAmericanRoadTrip Summer 2014 — three weeks late!

I am currently three weeks into the Epic American Road Trip Summer 2014 and I haven’t even told you what it is. (more...) [5 comments]


The Ultimate Burrito Guide to Taos, New Mexico

You want every meal to be smothered, covered like your green chile burrito. (more...) [9 comments]


What Traveling Taught Me About Cooking

Everything I learned about cooking I learned while traveling. To be more specific, everything I learned about cooking I learned on a farm in the mountains of Northern Spain (more...) [10 comments]

grandcanyon1 (1 of 1)

Grand Plans for the Grand Canyon (Or, I can’t be hardcore all the time, so give a girl a break)

Not the grandest adventure ever. (more...) [7 comments]


Travel the World and Stay in Shape (With Minimal Effort)

I can’t tell you how to stick to a training plan or resist that second donut, but I CAN tell you how to travel the world, have fun, and stay healthy with minimal effort. (more...) [14 comments]


Eight Signs That are SO New Zealand It’s Not Even Funny (Only It Is)

These signs encapsulate everything I love about New Zealand. (more...) [8 comments]

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The Introvert Goes to a Festival — Outside Bike & Brew Fest 2014

Even as a staunch skeptic of festivals, I had a great time. (more...) [7 comments]


10 Reasons to Live in the Desert

If you had asked me six years ago if I would ever live in New Mexico, I probably would have been like “lawl why would I live in the desert?” (more...) [31 comments]